Blizzard Bag Day 2 Honors C and D Block

CHANGE IN PLAN: Please DO NOT complete the assignment below. Rather work on the Ecological pyramids packet I gave you yesterday in class. This will serve as an introduction to Ecology. You may need to review sections from Chapter 13  in your textbooks for help or web sources. Please email me with questions during the day.
Mr. Fuller

Welcome Molecular Biologists!

In Biology we have (or will) use several molecular biology tools to cut, copy, and analyze DNA. Today I would like you to complete a virtual lab where you will culture an unknown bacteria species, copy its DNA using a polymerase chain reaction, read the DNA using gel electrophoresis, and then use a searchable database to identify the microbe.

Follow the link below to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and complete the Bacterial Identification Lab.

While you complete the lab answer these questions.

In order to get the answers to me – save the doc with a new name (last name, first initial) and re-share it with me. I will be checking my email throughout the day. If you have questions please send me an email at

Good Luck!

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